Joining Forces To Influence Art Music For Generations To Come

What is a commission?
An individual or a group of people selects a composer whose music moves them, and they contract (commission) this artist to compose a piece of music specifically for them. The musical score for any piece the GBSO Commission Club commissions will always indicate that it was "Commissioned by the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra."

Club Members Enjoy These Exclusive Benefits:

Own a piece of the score: Commission club members are invited backstage after the April 12 Classics 5 Concert featuring the 2007/2008 Music Alive Composer-in-residence Daniel Kellogg. Celebrate the World Premiere with the composer and receive your signed copy of the first page of Mr. Kellogg’s score.
Sneak preview status: Be the first in the world to hear the commissioned work! Receive an exclusive pass to the April 11 rehearsal of Daniel Kellogg’s World Premiere piece. Get an exclusive, behind-the-scene look at the composer, conductor and orchestra as they get ready for the grand World Premiere.

Discovery discussion: Get a rare look into Mr. Kellogg’s creative inspirations and work process. Private club discussions will be held at the April 11 rehearsal with the Mr. Kellogg. Be the first to hear his music unfold!
Breakfast with the composer: Enjoy an informal breakfast and lively, insightful conversation with Music Alive Composer-in-Residence, Mr. Kellogg, on January 26, 2008.

Composer outreach events: Receive discounted admission to composer outreach events.

Companion tickets: As a club member, you are entitled to one free companion ticket for each ticket you purchase to the World Premiere concert.

Yearly club membership dues are $100. For further information, contact: info@greenbaysymphony.org or Chris Weaver at 920-585-2299.

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