Breakfast With The Composer

Daniel Kellogg presents GBSO commissioned La Luz to Maestro Reischl last Saturday morning. The third annual breakfast (second for the CC) has the feeling of becoming a tradition. Daniel made the rounds to all of the tables, giving club members another opportunity to meet Mr. Kellogg one on one. Daniel explained the nuances of his writing methods and how he wraps life around his work. For more information about Daniel Kellogg, click here.
The Green Bay Commission Club members will see Daniel in rehearsal and immediately after his world premiere of La Luz using their backstage passes at the season finale on April 12. Thank you for the visit, Mr. Kellogg.

Later in the afternoon, Barnes and Noble hosted a public appearance by Daniel Kellogg and Maestro Bridget-Michaele Reischl. Daniel will spend the week working with youth orchestra members participating in the 'Light' project. Mr. Kellogg's work will be premiered on April 12, the fifth and final concert of the season.

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