Newest Member Mary Thornton

Hey Everybody,

I'm a new member of the Commission Club and I just
wanted to post a few things to say hello. Some of you
may remember me, I played thirteen seasons as a member
of the trumpet section in Green Bay.

The Commission Club is such a great idea. The
composers that the GBSO have brought in are really on
the rise and on the airwaves. If you watch TV or
listen to NPR, these folks are there. Being
responsible for bringing new pieces into the world
with them is pretty heady stuff.

As far as trumpet things go these days I'm awaiting
the arrival of a new Eb trumpet by maker Cliff
Blackburn. I visited his shop (in Tennessee) this
summer on the way back to Corpus from WI and we worked
together on setting up the best specifications for me.
I can't wait to get the horn and I think it will be
finished late spring/early summer. If you are
interested in learning more about these Blackburn
Trumpets you can visit their website at

As far as concerts go, I did a pops show with the San
Antonio Symphony featuring the "Riders in the Sky"
this weekend and this coming week will be Peter and
the Wolf with the Corpus Christi Symphony for
children's concerts and Rachmaninov's second symphony
on the weekend.

I hope all is well up in Wisconsin, it's been sunny
and in the 70's here in Texas.

Cheers, Mary Thornton

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