Guest Artist Robert Spano

8 Questions for
Music Director, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Interview By ANGUS EVANS

AE: A bit of a twist for this concert Maestro, how does your preparation differ from
the role of conductor to pianist?
RS: I had to practice!
AE: Why did you and Maestro Reischl choose Mozart for this concert?
RS: It’s the greatest music ever written. And it “sends” us.
AE: Who is writing the most daring works for piano?
RS: Both Jennifer Higdon and Behzad Ranjbaran have just completed brilliant piano concertos.
AE: Channeling the departed, which composer would you most like to have a conversation with?
RS: Please, let’s not wake anybody up. However, in homage, Maestro Reischl and I left a very expensive bottle ofScotch at Stravinsky’s grave in Venice.
AE: What are the challenges facing classical music in the next 20 years?
RS: The challenge never changes; it is eternal exploration.
AE: What is The Atlanta School?
RS: It’s a group of American composers whom we have commissioned, performed and recorded to such extent that they are now associated with our orchestra.
AE: Is it true that you own a Jeep and often use it in 4-wheel drive?
RS: Yes.
AE: On the stage and in your Jeep, which of the following describes you the most?
A) relentless trailblazer
B) firm grip on the wheel
C) elegant navigator
D) swashbuckling nerve
RS: All of the above baby.
AE: Thank you Maestro.
RS: You’re welcome.

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