Philip Rothman Commission Update

Hi everyone. First of all, I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and new year.

I’m pleased to report that work on the new piece is going well so far. I’ve been busy with many interesting projects over the last few months, but have finally had some time to devote to this piece.

It’s still in progress, but I can tell you that it will be very colorful (and will have lots of notes). It is inspired by three of the photographs from the photography contest that the Symphony held a few months ago on the theme of “moonlight.” I chose these three photos out of the hundreds that were submitted by photographers statewide.

Here are the photos:

Although the photographs were taken by three different people, they all share a mood and quality that will hopefully be conveyed in my composition.

I’m planning on finishing the piece by the time I visit with you next month. I’ll post another update soon. Of course, please feel free to visit my web site to learn more about what I’ve been up to. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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