Zhou's Comments

Dear Club Officers and members, 

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Green Bay (well, as of right now I'm still enjoying it!). Meeting club members was no doubt a highlight of my visit and I appreciate your warm welcome and support. I found Louise very interesting and insightful on music and art, and she has a lovely personality. Like I told some of you, the performance last night was the best run the orchestra had on my piece, and that is very special to me because as a composer there is nothing more satisfying than a successful premiere. I'm certain A Thousand Years...will have many performances by other orchestras in the future, domestically and internationally. And the Green Bay Commission Club will always stay on the score and in the program notes whenever there is a performance of the piece. I will definitely mention this wonderful experience to other artists and art administrators as well. 

I also very much like the idea of an expansion of the club. In the program booklet from last night, it states "The Green Bay Commission Club is dedicated to bringing World Class music to the community of Green Bay". Now with all the advantages of the expansion we discussed, I'm certain the future of the Green Bay Commission Club will bring world class music to the whole nation! I will share this idea to my colleagues and contacts and hopefully we can have some good results!  

I'd love keep you posted on my music activities. In fact, last night was also the premiere of my Symphonic Suite: The Grand Canal in China! This is a 7-movement, 45-minute piece for two Chinese instruments, Chinese Opera Singer, Mixed Chorus and Full Orchestra. The piece was recorded by the Guangzhou Symphony and conducted by me earlier this year. The CD was just released in China. Last night's performance was performed by Hangzhou Philharmonic and conducted by Yang Yang and it went very well. The performance will repeat on 13th and 14th as well. I will give a copy of the CD to Skip tomorrow and please feel free to share it among members. I hope you will enjoy it. Out of two premieres, I'm very happy to be in Green Bay. 

Once again, thank you very much for your support! I look forward to seeing you again!

Warm Regards, 


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